Very Berry Pie!

Very Berry Pie

First off.., it’s been TWO YEARS since I last posted on here. Yikes! I just realized I had 5 recipes in my drafts waiting to be finished to post. I’ll get to work on those!

Last week two of my favorite things happened…. berries went on sale & Autumn started. I couldn’t be more excited. While I have to say I miss my hometown’s fall colors (Upland has some of the prettiest color changing trees), Colorado’s golden aspens will have to suffice.Read More »


Chicken and Rice Soup

I first made this soup when I came back from visiting family in CA. My sister had the first child out of us girls and I got to meet the little cutie when he was born. I am so thankful to have been able to be there when he was born and hold him. He is just such a precious little guy… I’m an auntie!! YAY!!

However, I have a tendency to get sick everytime I take a flight- luckily I stayed healthy on my way to CA and during my time there. I would have been very upset if I was sick and wasn’t able to be near baby Jack. So I can’t complain but boy did it hit me when I got back to Colorado, the day after returning home I started getting a sore throat and feeling sick. I loaded up on Vitamin C, echinacea tea and made sure to do my nasal rinses. But I was unsuccessful and the flu hit. Fever, sore throat, sinus infection, everything. My appetite was still going strong though so I whipped up some chicken and rice soup and Matt and I couldn’t believe how well it came out from not using a recipe.

Chickenand RiceSoup

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Tofu Lasagna Roll-Ups

I am all for healthy eating, but only when it involves delicious food. Luckily there are plenty of options out there for me to try out. I’ve seen an idea floating around on Pinterest where you roll up lasagna and bake. Sounds easy and delicious right? However, not only does my stomach not do well with dairy, I also didn’t feel like spending $4 on a bottle of Ricotta cheese, noodles are usually a cheap meal! So I decided to make a tofu based ‘ricotta’ filling, adding tons of protein and it’s easy on my stomach too.

It seriously tastes just like a ‘normal’ lasagna or stuffed shell would… it’s amazing! 🙂

This is a great alternative for those who cannot have dairy and if you find GF lasagna noodles then it’s also perfect for those who avoid gluten.


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Roasted Jalapeño Hummus

I remember when I first started eating hummus… my mom would buy it from Fresh & Easy and I would dip pita bread and pita chips in it. Then I ventured out to try different flavors… then trying it with veggies & eventually using it in sandwiches. However at $3-4 a container I had to start figuring out how to make it on my own and for the past few years I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of flavor combinations. When our friend Danny came to visit us I knew I had to make something a little more spicy for him… and this recipe was born! 🙂 This protein-packed snack is filled with flavor and the best part about it is that you can add crushed red pepper or more jalapeño seeds to suit your peference!

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Orange Chicken and Broccoli

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love for Asian food… sushi, orange chicken, you name it. However since I have sensitivities to MSG and processed food I rarely go out to eat Chinese or Japanese food. My sister-in-law’s husband is Chinese and when they lived back in Downey he would often make orange chicken and other delicious meals for my husband’s family. So of course I asked for one of his recipes and I am SO glad I did!


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Newlywed Recipes – Barb’s Tequila Lime Chicken

Now this recipe is not only so flavorful & tasty but such a cinch to make!
I love EASY yummy recipes!

I got this recipe from my family’s long time neighbor Barb. Her daughter Heather babysat my sisters and me when we were young, her son Sean always brought us back snow when he’d visit the mountains, her & her husband Phil would always leave us Christmas gifts on our doorstep and let us come over to swim all the time and now their 2 grandkids are so much fun to be around. Maddie is such a sweetheart and we knew her brother Patrick would grow up to be a smart kid- at the age of 2 he was telling us he wanted to be a paleontologist, and he pronounced it right and everything! We have been so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors on our block and truly appreciate all the love they’ve given us, from always having flour & butter to share when we run out baking, to watching our house when we’re on vacation and just sharing life together!



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