Fried Plantains!

Fried Plantains

My friend taught me how to make these last semester for a potluck for our class. I changed it up a bit by adding different ingredients & by frying them on a skillet rather than in a deep fryer.

Tips before starting!

  • Wear an apron! The oil can pop when frying and it’d be awful to ruin one of your shirts!
  • Be sure to keep the fan above the stove on, sometimes it can get a bit smelly/smoky when frying.
  • Don’t store the finished plantains until they have completely cooled or the moisture will make them soggy.


  • 2 plantains (makes about 30 pieces)
  • sea salt
  • vegetable oil (enough to make a thin layer on skillet)

First you need to chose what kind of plantains you would like to use. The greener they are the more starchy and rich the flavor. However, if they are yellow, they will be sweeter.

Begin by taking a knife and slicing through the skin a few times. Next, cut off a little bit from each end. Now you can peel each slice from the plantain. If you have difficulty peeling it, you may have to use the knife to remove part of the peel.

The next step is slicing the plantains. Cut at a diagonal, making even slices about ¾  inch thick.

Get a bowl and put either a paper towel or 2 napkins on the bottom. Have more napkins and paper towels available to lay between each layer of plantains after being fried.

Preheat the skillet on medium heat. Then add enough vegetable oil to coat the bottom. Wait for the oil to begin to bubble and then add enough slices to almost cover the pan. Fry for a minute or two until the bottoms become golden yellow. Then flip over and wait for the other side to fry evenly.

Make sure you put layers of paper towels or napkins between the fried plantains to help soak up excess oil.

After frying all of the plantains, add sea salt and let cool until they are cool enough to touch with your hands.

Take a coffee cup or other item that has a flat surface on the bottom and smash each piece about half the size.

 Take all of the pieces that you have flattened and repeat the frying process. They should be dark golden brown or brown when finished. The darker the color, the more crispy each piece will be.

 Remember to put the napkins/paper towels in between each layer!

Add sea salt to the fried
plantains in a new bowl.

All done! 🙂

Suggestions & Variations for more flavor:

Extra ingredients to add at the end:

-Add dried red pepper flakes (available in containers from the spice section at grocery stores… or from the little packets you receive when you buy pizza!)
-Add a small amount of freshly chopped cilantro
-Add a little bit of lime… be careful not to add too much or the fried plantains will get soggy.

A Sweet Variation (this works best with yellow plantains)

-Only add sea salt after the first time of frying the plantains
-Make a mixture of sugar & cinnamon & sprinkle over plantains after they have slightly cooled.

Enjoy! 🙂

Printable Recipe Here


One thought on “Fried Plantains!

  1. I just skimmed this but it made me so happy. Glad you enjoyed it and were able to do it again. I’ll have to try one of your recipes 🙂

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