Cake Balls

These cake balls are soooo good! My cousin made them for friends & family for Christmas and I fell in love. So far I’ve made lemon & strawberry for two separate birthdays. The pictures will show both batches (the mix doesn’t magically turn from yellow to pink and back, in case you were wondering). Enjoy! 🙂

I love these because they are delicious bite-sized sweets and fairly easy to make (the fairly is because of the dipping, it takes a while to get the hang of it). I think I might just have to make these the “cake” for my wedding day (no plans, just ideas haha!). Or in the meantime perhaps just make these for my friends’ weddings.

What You’ll Need:
1 box of cake mix (and all the ingredients to make the cake)
You can make a homemade cake but it is very easy & very tasty just using pre-made mix
1/2 container of frosting
14 ounces of candy melts / chocolate melts
Don’t use just regular chocolate chips to coat, they don’t harden very well. Plus, candy melts (almond bark) can be found in several different colors at a local bakery shop.

**Makes about 40-50 cake balls. The amount varies upon size of balls.**

mini cupcake liners
cake decorations (sprinkles, beads, etc)
candy boxes

1. Bake a cake.
Follow directions according to package (or make your own) & bake in a 9×13 pan.

2. Let cake cook completely.

3. After cake is cooled, crumble sections of cake into a bowl.
Remove any hard parts (the bottom can get burnt sometimes). It is okay to have some brown bits, they blend in and don’t take away from the taste!

4. Microwave your frosting for about 20 seconds.
If it has been in the refrigerator, microwave until soft.

5. Add frosting.
Spoon scoops of the frosting, a little at a time, into the mixture. After placing some in the bowl, use two forks to work the frosting into the mix. Stop adding frosting when you reach 1/2 of the can. You can use more, but I tend to slightly less than half of the frosting because the mixture gets too mushy.

6. Freeze the mixture for 30-60 min.

7. Take your mixture out of the freezer and form small balls.
Place on cookie sheet.

8. Place cake balls in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
DO NOT rush this. If you take them out early, they won’t be cool or hard enough, which will make the dipping process very difficult for you. I freeze mine overnight since I tend to bake the cake in the afternoon, let it cool and form the balls before I go to bed.

9. Set up a double boiler.
Stir occasionally, until fully melted. I usually add a little bit of vegetable oil to help thin it out. Don’t add too much though!!

10. Start dipping!
This is the hardest part of this recipe. I have found that after freezing the balls overnight, the best dipping method is to use a toothpick. I insert the toothpick into the ball, and then dip into the melted chocolate/candy melts. Then, I usually turn the toothpick to the side & twist it a little to get the excess chocolate to come off.

I have also dipped some using a fork & a slotted spoon. This allows you to dip while allowing the excess chocolate to come off before placing on the pan.

11. Place on wax paper!
If you use a toothpick, it’s best to drizzle a little bit of the melted coating on top of where the hole was.

12. Add toppings!
If you’re going to add any kind of toppings (sprinkles, nuts, etc) you have to do it quickly. Have it all ready in a bowl so once you place the cake ball on the wax paper, you can sprinkle on the topping.

Place in refrigerator to store. They can be stored in a freezer for about 2 weeks, and airtight in the freezer for about 1 month. You don’t have to eat them chilled, but they tend to stay together, stay fresher, and taste better a bit chilled.

I buy candy/chocolate boxes at my local bakery shop and use them to give away. I have found so many cute cupcake liners (hearts, red, pink with white polka dots…)

I used strawberry cake mix, with strawberry frosting, covered in bright pink candy melts for my sister’s birthday. Her favorite color has always been hot pink so I made some for her and for the 2nd grade class she teaches, from what she said the kids loved them!

These were lemon flavored. I used both lemon cake mix & lemon frosting, covered in yellow candy melts for my best friend’s birthday & for the lovely ladies at the health center at my college 🙂

Suggestions for flavors & variations:
Lemon cake with lemon frosting. Yellow candy coating.
Strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Pink or red candy coating OR chocolate coating.
Funfetti (or vanilla) cake with vanilla frosting. White (or any color really) candy coating. Top with sprinkles (perfect for kids!)
Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. chocolate coating OR any color candy melts. Top with coconut or crushed nuts.
Valentine’s DayStrawberry (strawberry or chocolate coating), Red Velvet (with chocolate coating), top with red/pink sprinkles
St. Patrick’s Day: Chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting, green candy coating
Thanksgiving: Spice cake mix, cream cheese frosting, white candy coating
Christmas: Peppermint extract added to white cake mix, white frosting, white or red candy coating. top with crushed candy canes.

Ideas for toppings
Crushed peppermint
Chopped nuts

Get creative!! 🙂

The great thing is this recipe can be modified to fit whatever diet you are on! They now have all sorts of different cake mix and frosting such as sugar free, gluten free, etc. And if you have any other sort of dietary restriction you can always make the cake yourself (and frosting, as long as it is thick) so that you can enjoy these cake balls!

download printable recipe here: Cake Ball Recipe – Jessica Fabela


One thought on “Cake Balls

  1. Thanks for helping me with the cake balls. My family loved them. We made them using sugar free yellow cake mix and sf vanilla frosting and for the outside color used pink and white. They weren’t as easy as I thought but when made with friends time flew by so fast. They are worth the effort. I would make them again once I figure out which ones to make next.

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