A Quest for Food, our Future and Fun! (Part 1)

This past week I went on a very exciting road trip with my friend Matt to check out some grad schools in California. My favorite part about the trip was that it was not all business, we had no set plans, brought simple supplies for camping and had a great time looking for amazing food venues around California.

I loved being able to travel in Lola (my Jetta) but still bring our tents, cooking supplies and food for simple meals & snacks. We were prepared for whatever came up on the trip with just the minimum while still being comfortable.

We went on a road trip last summer with some friends and as much as we admired the beauty of the Redwoods, Oregon & Washington, I think we all agreed that our favorite moments were the times we found delicious food! This trip was a little different though since I was on a strict diet, with only some of the restrictions being gluten, dairy, eggs & beef. For someone who is a huge baker, bread lover and meat-eater, the thought of going on a road trip made me a bit sad. Before we left I thought my friend’s meals were going to be a lot more delicious than mine, but I’m happy to say my meals were just as good!

Here is part one of a 3 part series I will do on my trip. Next week I’ll be reviewing the grad schools we visited and last but not least I will share all the fun activities we did!

We started our trip by heading on the 5. We weren’t expecting to look at any schools until we reached the Bay area but we stopped by Bakersfield and Fresno and actually really liked the schools. After seeing Fresno, we stopped by to get some sushi!

Maroo Japanese Korean Restaurant (Fresno)

 I had Miso soup with clams. I believe it was my first time eating clams!

Matt ordered Fresh Crab Soup, he liked that a lot as well.

We ordered a mini Spicy Volcano Roll (baked) to split as well as a full-size order of Shawna’s roll.

We LOVED the Spicy Volcano.

The only issue we had with this restaurant is the service. Basically, they lost our ticket with our order and after an hour of getting our soup we were told that they lost our order and just put it back through again. How did they try to fix it? They gave us little salads without asking.
And our mini roll was given to us as a full order with the same price as the mini. A whopping 50% off of one roll haha. Oh well.

Ike’s Place (San Francisco)

I had Lizzy Lips and it was totally customizable for my diet restrictions! It normally comes with halal chicken, italian dressing, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and their famous dirty sauce.

However, they were very allergy friendly and made it very easy to customize for my needs. I had gluten free bread (which is available for almost all the sandwiches), asked for no cheese but avocado instead. and instead of their dirty sauce which includes egg, I had their vegan dirty sauce. It was delicious!

They were so sweet when it came to accommodating my needs. They made sure nothing had gluten, dairy or eggs and told me what chips have a little of dairy in them. The thing that stood out to me most though was when we left. I guess they gave us 2 lollipops in our bag with our sandwiches and when we had walked a few stores down a guy came running after us. He stopped us and told me that one of the lollipops has gluten in it so he gave me another one without gluten. I know!! How precious. That definitely made my heart smile 🙂

Matt ordered the Damon Bruce which came with beer battered onion rings, A1 steak sauce, provolone and thinly sliced rib eye. We kept the sandwiches in a cooler before camping so we reheated ours. They still tasted delicious! We came here on our last trip and my friends said they were the best sandwiches they’ve ever tasted!

The Boat House (Bodega Bay)
The Boat House

 Matt ordered BBQ oysters and clam chowder. I had fish & chips and french fries (yes, I know, they weren’t gluten free)  but I didn’t eat all of the batter and Matt had a piece or two so I didn’t get too sick from them.

The BBQ oysters were amazing. Definitely different than anything I have ever tasted. Matt talked about them the whole way back from the trip.

Spud Point Crab Co. (Bodega Bay)

We came to this cute little place for lunch in Bodega Bay. Matt ordered the Crab sandwich which he enjoyed and I had their famous clam chowder. Again, I shouldn’t have eaten it but I couldn’t resist. I only was able to finish half of it because it upset me so much but it definitely was the best clam chowder I have had in my life. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re in the area. If you have dietary restrictions though I’d skip it as their menu is limited.

Santa Ynez Street Fair

While we stayed in Los Alamos, a small adorable city outside of Santa Barbara, someone recommended that we go to the fair down in Santa Ynez. We are sure glad we did! I’ll talk about the fair more in another post but we had roasted corn and Matt had a tri-tip sandwich. Yumm!

Overall, we had a very YUMMY Road Food Trip 🙂


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