A Quest for Food, our Future and Fun! (Part 3)

My friend Matt and I took a road trip last month to check out some grad schools, eat lots of food and HAVE FUN!!

Highlights of our Road Trip

We wanted to camp as much as possible but long drives call for comfy beds…so we did have to stay at motels 2 nights. However we did get to set up our tents the 2nd and 3rd night. The first night we stayed at Burke’s Campground. We set up our tents in one of the nicest spots, it was away from the water and was probably the most secluded site in this campground.

This was the view from our campsite. so gorgeous! Right on the Russian River!!

Our second night of camping we stayed at Bodega Bay. It was definitely windy and very cold but again, we had great luck at finding a perfect spot between the trees to shield our tents from the wind!

We had some great moments visiting unscheduled towns off the highways and spending a few hours canoeing down the river. We rented a canoe which includes a bus ride back to the campground after a 4 hour trip (10 miles!) down the river. The river hardly had any current the day we were on it so we got a work out but it was still loads of fun. We enjoyed being able to stop whenever we wanted, snack on the food we brought with us and swim in the river.


We even had a dog follow us! We came up to our canoe off the side of the river and we thought he was just going to swim with us until we went around the next bend. but he kept swimming! and swimming! He had a tumor on his stomach and didn’t look very young either so we got worried when he followed us for at least a mile down the river. He seriously follow us EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t get him to stop following us and tried lifting him up into the canoe but it was too difficult. We thought he finally stayed behind  at one point but a few minutes later we see his little head sticking up out of the water behind us. Luckily another group was able to get him up into their kayak so the story ended happily ever after 🙂

On our last night, we ate at an adorable pizza  resturant. Matt tried goat milk ice cream and we had delicious pizza made from local produce. Our server recommended that we stop by Santa Ynez on the way home the next day because they were having Old Santa Ynez Day.

So we did. 🙂

They had several vendors from all over the area selling very unique items.

Their parade even included a turkey!!

 This town had some of the cutest kids too! They were all dressed in western clothing with their cowboy boots, hats & overalls!

They have a tradition called the Santa Ynez Jail where they sell patches for $1 to raise money (I can’t remember for what). And they claim that whoever isn’t wearing a patch gets put in the Santa Ynez Jail 😉

We returned home after eating yummy corn from this cute town. I decided that I was definitely born in the wrong city. I belong on a farm 🙂

Our road trip was very successful in learning more about our potential grad schools, eating delicious food on the way and going on random adventures!


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