Adagio Tea – Fibromyalgia Relief Blend

Hello everyone! This will be one of a few posts from me about the teas available from Adagio tea. (I am not being paid or given anything for doing these reviews, I just want to spread the happiness! :))

Tea has sooo many benefits, I don’t even know where to begin. But is my favorite tea company and they have a great variety of teas to choose from:  Black, flavored, chai, oolong, white, green, herbal, rooibos, honeybush, decaf, masters, blooms, custom blends and iced. The custom blends are popular for weddings or parties, as you can design your own blend with up to 3 teas, and if desired also design a label for your bag of tea! How amazing is that?! I have created a Fibromyalgia blend and am working on a few others that I think people will really enjoy.

Keep reading!! You’ll thank me later 🙂

Each tea from comes in loose leaf form, and most also come in tea bags as well. If you have never had loose leaf tea before, and have a few extra bucks lying around I’d strongly encourage you to invest in a french press. it will change your life. or at least your health. seriously 🙂

This is the one I got from Amazon and it is probably the cheapest I’ve found, and has worked just fine for me! If the shipping on Amazon is too much for you I believe you can find one around the same price at Fresh & Easy. If you prefer to be really fancy you can invest in one from Adagio online or a glass one from another store. I love my plastic french press because I don’t have to worry about it shattering, I can bring it camping with me and also don’t have to worry about it breaking. I LOVE it. I make tea and/or coffee in it at least once a day!

Here is the tea I made a month or so ago: Fibromyalgia Relief Blend. As you can see from the pictures below, it is comprised of 3 different teas which come together to make a delicious  and beneficial tea for your health. The 3 oz pouch makes quite a few cups of tea… plus I re-steep my tea after I’ve already made a cup so I get even more out of the bag! yummy!

I created this blend which has some AMAZING health benefits which specifially help the symptoms that often come with having Fibromyalgia. I make this tea almost every day and I’ve seen a difference in my pain & fatigue levels.

Here is the direct link: Fibromyalgia Relief Blend.

If you know anyone who has Fibromyalgia or suffers from some of the above symptoms, buy it as a sweet gift for them! It is slightly caffeinated but its caffeine content is LESS than white tea (probably around 2-10) so the caffeine barely has an effect. Just for your info, here is a breakdown of approximate caffeine content:
decaf coffee: 2-12 mg/cup
white tea: 6-25 mg/cup
regular coffee: 80-135 mg/cup

So it is ALMOST naturally decaf tea 🙂 Which is important for many people, especially those with Fibromyalgia as caffeine makes our symptoms worse.

So try my tea out! I’ve had others taste it and they LOVE it! Taste & health benefits!

Here is the best part:

Send me your e-mail address & name (privately or as a comment on this blog) and I will send you an e-mail with a $5 gift certificate. No strings attached! PLUS if you are a new customer you get your first shipping free! 🙂 How much better can it get? Right? It gets better believe it or not!!
When you are a customer, you earn ‘frequent cup’ points and once you reach 100 your can redeem a $10 gift certificate. You get these points by reviewing teas you buy, advertising on Facebook, and you also receive points for each gift certificated you send that gets redeemed.

Easy peasy! I just redeemed my gift certificate and have some more lovely tea coming to me.
P.S. Shipping is very good! Usually they comes the next day or so even if you only order first class shipping (not next day).

If you’ve never tried their teas, try getting the samplers which usually only cost $2/each for about 10 cups of tea. Then you can gain some points, get your $10 gift certificate and order more of the ones you like (which might be quite a few ;))

Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ll be posting more about my favorite teas and my own custom blends but for now, here are 3 of my top favorites:

– Fibromyalgia blend (described above, found under blends)
– Honeybush Hazelnut (decaf, great replacement for hazelnut coffee!, found under rooibos)
– Rooibos Vanilla (decaf, also a great replacement for vanilla coffee!, found under rooibos)

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 If you submit in the comment field below, it will be public. Let me know what you think about my post/tea from Adiago. 🙂

What are your favorite teas?  🙂


One thought on “Adagio Tea – Fibromyalgia Relief Blend

  1. I love the tea that you make me! It’s the best =) and its fun watching you use that beaker thing lol! i should be on an advertisement for it huh lol

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