Food & Comics – Halloween 2011

Halloween time this year has been extra unique to previous years. My lovely housemates and I decided to finally have a housewarming party and make it into a halloween party. My family always had a special tradition of buying our own candy and taking a little vacation somewhere on halloween. Sooo I never had much experience actually dressing up for halloween. But I needed to come up with something for the party….

For the party we had a lot of festive food including my momma’s delicious pumpkin bread recipe, my aunt’s delicious caramel toffee apple dip and homemade apple cider!

And for the costume…

My boyfriend and I wanted to make a couple’s costume but we didn’t want to be typical and we wanted it to be as homemade as we could. And we succeeded! 🙂

Calvin & Hobbes!!

Matt has this love for the Calvin & Hobbes comics
and we thought it would be a very cute costume for us.

We looked all around for orange shirts and pants that were cheap and finally (the afternoon of the party) went to Walmart and lo and behold found orange sweats… in the boys section! Good thing I fit 🙂 $5 each for sweats and sweatshirt!  A little bit of orange fabric, cotton balls, felt and acyrlic paints and our costume was complete! and suuuper comfortable 🙂

One of my first experiences in actually dressing up for halloween was a lot of fun and I had a great time 🙂

What were YOU for halloween?


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