Give FREE $10 gift certificates (@

Helloooo! It’s me again (so soon I know!)

I absolutely love Christmas time and what I love most about it is the generosity that seems to come out during this time of year. I love seeing it go to those who truly need it, as well as those who may need a little gift to just lift their spirits.

Give FREE $10 eGift Cards

Tonight my older sister just sent me an e-mail with
a $10 redeemable gift certificate for 🙂

I hope you all have already heard of this money-saving (for the most part) site but for those of you who haven’t check it out:

This is going for the next 5-6 days I believe and you can send out several $10 gift certificates to your friends & family without paying out of your pocket.
It’s a nice treat for those couples, families (or group of friends!)
who don’t get to go out to eat often.

**please note that you might have to buy your gift certificate to the restaurant
of your choice during the same time you redeem it so don’t click redeem
unless you are going to take a few minutes to order which
restaurant you want the gift certificate to go to**

Merry Christmas!

Give FREE $10 eGift Cards


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