Kingdom Causes – God In Our Communities

My new journey is beginning and I’m falling
in love with what God is doing!!

“You will meet and interact with so many different people, try to learn something from every one of them. It is not an accident that you have met them. And desperately try to leave everyone off better than when you first met them. Desperately pursue God and desperately use the things he has given you. And desperately pursue the people around you and try to love them. Time is short my friend, let’s get to work.” – Zac Smith

The quote above is from a man who as inspired me a great deal. My boyfriend knew him before he passed away, but his testimony is beautiful. and his words are motivating. Check out the youtube videos made by him when he was still living on this earth, and check out the follow up video his wife did after he passed away. Have some tissues nearby! I love the quote I posted above because it sums up what my “mission statement” in life is, and how it will impact my internship this semester.

As I am in my last semester of undergrad, I have started my internship for my Social Work emphasis. I am so blessed to be able to work alongside the guys & gals at Kingdom Causes- Bellflower. This organization knows what God has called his people to do, and they are doing very well at loving the community around them. I am going to be mostly focusing on the homeless outreach in the area but will be working on some other projects and events in the making. I am so excited to continue helping this organization out and growing in developing my concern and heart for those who need some assistance in various aspects of their lives.

I have attended a few of the Saturday morning breakfast outreaches and have gotten to know some very sweet people who are  either volunteers, those living on the streets or who are underemployed and benefit from the free breakfast, clothes, hot showers and fellowship provided. These people I have encountered love teaching me new card games, sharing their stories and just engaging in fellowship. Let me tell you something, God is amazing. As one of the volunteer leaders says every Saturday morning, God is there for hope for anyone going through something tough, and loves to hear his children talk to him about what they are feeling and what struggles that are trying to overcome.

God is LOVE. God is HOPE. and God is FAITHFUL.

These people know these truths and it is absolutely beautiful seeing their hope despite even the most hopeless circumstances.

Watch this video to see what the organization I’m interning for is all about!!

What Kingdom Causes – Bellflower Does 🙂

As Valentines Day approaches, my heart and mind go straight to LOVE.
And I’m not just talkin romantic love.

I’m talking about the Christ-like love God has called us to live out. I will be busy with school and other things in life but I’m hoping to do a short series on the 5 Love Languages (Gary Chapman) before Valentines Day so you can learn a bit more about how to love others around you – roommates, strangers, friends, family, and significant others 🙂

I hope you follow and join me in learning more about loving our neighbors.

“God is still God. and God is still good. To God be the glory.”


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