Our Wedding!!

Boy oh boy did my wedding surpass any expectations I had! It was gorgeous, and despite some obstacles (cough cough no caterer showed up) I had no worries on my mind, only the love of my life and family and friends in my heart! We had so much fun and it was a great way to start off our married life!


The Prep…




she’s so cute… even in the wee hours of the night!

The BIG day…

All photos (except for a few, you can tell the difference) below are from our photographer, Kelsey Heng. I HIGHLY recommend her!

I had so much fun getting ready at a friend of a friend’s house near the park where our ceremony was.

my dress! the very first one I tried on…



new perfume from a family friend
best shoes ever for a wedding… so comfortable yet still stylish!
something old (my 3rd cousin’s pearl bracelet)
something new (new earrings)
something borrowed (Cara’s pearl necklace)
something blue (can’t show you that haha and the blue heart on my shoes!!)

All ready to walk down that aisle!  (my 2nd something blue)

Jessica&Matt-243 - Version 2
our shoes!
On our way!!
My handsome Pops! (still so sad I didn’t get a picture with my momma)

My mom and Aunt Heidi did an AMAZING job with my flowers. They did everything from my bouquet to my bridesmaid’s bouquets, flowers in the aisle, centerpieces and other flowers in the barn. My mom even made my adorable flower girls’ wreath headbands. I wanted rustic yet elegant country in the beautiful outdoors and they created just that! Everything from sunflowers, baby’s breath, burlap and twine to lemonade in a mason jar dispenser, hay bales and my grandpa’s cowboy boots. It was just  b e a u t i f u l.

Hay bales for us to sit on to wash each other’s feet.
altar decorations
Aisle decorations
My bouquet!
the girls’ bouquets
One of our flower girls
Matt's boutonniere
Matt’s boutonniere
The groomsmen's boutonnieres
The groomsmen’s boutonnieres
The barn for our reception



I have such talented friends & family!! To save money but still make the tables look super cute my mom, neighbor Barb, mother-in-law and Matt’s Aunt Lisa sewed the table cloths, cut the burlap & sewed the small fabric to go on top. Not only did it save money but now we have them to use for future parties & events!

A hot summer day calls for water to help people find their tables
favors with our favorite love songs


He is so precious!
father-daughter dance

my grandpa’s cowboy boots… my mom gets pretty creative!
my bouquet & our rings!

For my engagement, Matt bought a tandem bike, stripped the paint off, painted it a beautiful red, added new fenders, baskets and a shiny bell! During my graduation party Matt surprised me by rolling it out (I had no idea he was even making one) and getting on one knee. The song “Daisy Bell” was playing in the background. Since then Matt and I have used the tandem bike as an analogy for our relationship, ‘riding’ through life together, helping each other on our journey. Sooo, what would be more fitting to have at our wedding than our tandem!



My precious flower girls and ring bearer were the kiddos I’ve had the privilege to babysit since the oldest was 2 1/2. We made the tutus ourselves and they rocked them!

Will, Faith & Abby
oh those boys… so silly!

We were blessed to have Dan Franklin as the pastor who married us and walked us through pre-marital counseling. He did an amazing job preparing us as well as officiating the ceremony. Everything he said depicted our story perfectly.


We had a foot washing ceremony before we did our unity sand. It was such a special moment for me knowing I get to serve alongside this man for the rest of my life. Dan read the passage out of John 13:1-17 describing how Christ washed his disciples feet, following Christ as our best example of what it means to be a servant.



We did it!!
We did it!!

I have to thank my family for ALL the help they gave us in getting this wedding together in such a short amount of time. It was gorgeous and so so special and ran sooooo smoothly thanks to all of everyone’s support.

Like I said before, our caterer didn’t show up which would ruin many people’s weddings but only made ours more special. Matt’s Aunt Cecelia and Uncle Gary were helping us figure out what happened to the missing caterer while my mom and Uncle Steve  stepped in to rescue the day with Panera Bread sandwiches, soup and cookies. My wonderful cousins drove to a store to buy drinks since those didn’t show up either. My Papa Jack helped me bake 2 different kinds of cookies for our dessert: Double Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Molasses Oatmeal and my Aunt Heidi & Marsha made the Chocolate Chip cookies. Could I have asked for a better family? I think not!! 🙂


I was so thankful ALL of my family (minus one cousin, Erica) were able to make it and most of Matt’s family. We had an amazing photographer, Kelsey Heng, who took beautiful photographs and was so easy to work with.

Matt and I are seriously so blessed to have such a wonderful wedding with everyone celebrating with us.

My beautiful girls (and baby Zach)

Thank you girls for throwing me a beautiful bridal shower, joining me in a fun
bachelorette party and being a part of my special day!

Jessica&Matt-144 copy
Our amazing wedding party!
gosh my husband is cute
I have the best sisters!!

Matt and I are so blessed to have all of our grandparents at our wedding. My Nana Lorraine just received her last chemo treatment before the wedding and was feeling well enough to be out of the hospital and even dance at our wedding. Her doctors at City of Hope were amazing and her main doctor was adamant about getting her home to “dance at your granddaughter’s wedding”. God works miracles to this day and we are so thankful for that.


My new in-laws…


the Fabelas (Dad’s side)…


The Fabela Cousins (miss you Erica!!)…


The Hubbells (Mom’s side)…


My new family!!!

p.s. I love the fact that the girls have their shoes off… looks like a SoCal day to me!

Thanks family for making my dream wedding come true in the short time we had.
🙂 I love you.


5 thoughts on “Our Wedding!!

  1. Jessica, You did a beautiful job describing your wedding. You have such a wonderful gift in making others feel special. Do that for your beloved husband everyday and you will have a happy blessed marriage. Love you

    Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 00:15:33 +0000 To: bless2behome@hotmail.com

  2. It was just under 150. The barn restricts the amount of people/chairs allowed inside to 150 🙂 there are a few restrictions since it is a city owned venue (e.g. alcohol) but otherwise we loved the venue! You do have to be comfortable with the nearby train tooting its horn a few times too 😉

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I’m thinking of having my wedding at this location. I’ve been looking for a location with a barn since I love the country theme. My only question is “were you allowed to have music for dancing?” Thanks for a wonderful and informative blog.

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