Our Wedding!!

Boy oh boy did my wedding surpass any expectations I had! It was gorgeous, and despite some obstacles (cough cough no caterer showed up) I had no worries on my mind, only the love of my life and family and friends in my heart! We had so much fun and it was a great way to start off our married life!


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Newlywed Recipes – Marsha’s Salsa

My sisters, family & friends threw me a super cute, amazing bridal shower this summer for my wedding. One of my favorite parts of it were the recipes that were given to me from friends and family, all coordinated by my wonderful maid and maiden of honors (aka the best sisters ever). I love cooking, baking, and taking other people’s recipes and turning them into my own. So what could be better than receiving tons of great recipes (obviously great if my family makes & eats these recipes)?!!

I decided to try each of these recipes out (my husband is always open to new recipes) and post some blogs on how I made them, tips, pictures and a little story about how I know that person! Because of my food allergies & restrictions, I will be making some changes simply because I can’t eat a certain ingredient, but I will still post the original recipe for those who aren’t as restricted with food 🙂

First up… Marsha’s salsa!

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Slow Cooker Chicken Posole Recipe

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted… but I have valid excuses! I graduated from college, moved back home, got engaged, got married, and moved states… I think I deserved a little break 🙂

The first time Matt ever got one of my grandparent’s home cooked meals was on Christmas Eve 3 years ago. I always raved about how good my family cooks, especially on the holidays and we were blessed with the best
homemade Posole soup Christmas Eve for dinner.

He has not stopped raving about it since that day and has always wanted me to make it, so now that I got a Crock Pot I decided to try it out! This is hands down one of my favorite meals, and even makes a great snack!

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