Newlywed Recipes – Great Grandma’s Persimmon Pudding

Time for another recipe! I wish I would just copy every single recipe from my grandparents because they all taste so delicious! I always looked forward to holidays with either side of the family because of their delicious dishes! For my bridal shower recipe card, my Nana Lorraine gave me her mother’s (my great-grandma’s) Persimmon Pudding recipe.



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Saltine Cracker Toffee

Sooo it is finally here (this is posted especially for all you ladies at the health center!)

This recipe is VERY easy to make, very QUICK,
SIMPLE and easy to make GF
(I haven’t tried making it dairy-free/vegan yet)

I used a recipe I got from my Aunt Heidi and adjusted it a bit to create this one!


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Gluten Free, Dairy Free Banana Bread

Oh my! This banana bread is sooo good! Anyone who tastes this will have no idea that it is made without gluten or dairy! My favorite part is this recipe is sooo easy to make. The gluten-free flour blend is so simple- only 2 common, fairly inexpensive ingredients.

My mom was making banana bread from an amazing recipe and I was bummed that I couldn’t eat it. But I decided to get creative and I am so glad I experimented because this bread tastes even better than any normal recipe I’ve had. For anyone who has tried baking or cooking gluten-free you know how exciting it can be when something comes out normal, and even more exciting when it comes out amazing!

recipe below…
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Gluten Free, Vegan Apple Crisp

So the weather in “sunny” Southern California hasn’t been living up to it’s name lately. It’s been off and on between the extremes of 93 degree weather to cold, gloomy 60 degree weather… in the middle of April. What happened to Spring??!?!

Because it feels like Autumn with random days of Summer I thought I’d make a variation of one of my favorite Autumn time breakfasts desserts. 😉 It’s perfect with a banana and a cup of decaf coffee or Good Earth tea in the morning… yummm! I decided to make a gluten free, vegan/dairy free version of my apple crumble to satisfy my craving. WOW am I glad I experimented because I think this version is even BETTER than my original recipe. I know!!

So have fun making this! My sister always teases me when I make my crazy food modifications, and when she asked whether this was gluten & dairy free I waited till after she ate it to tell her… and I’m pleased to announce that everyone in my family enjoyed it! Yay!


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Gluten Free, Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

Well, I’ve had to experiment with taking certain foods out of my diet to see what is causing my digestive issues and so far gluten seems to be the problem on top of dairy, which I already knew about. For someone who loves to bake this made it a bit difficult to bake anything (tasty at least) for awhile. But, I’m glad to announce that I’ve started figuring things out.. and have my first homemade GF (gluten free) DF (Dairy free) recipe! Since baking dairy free tends to fall close to vegan baking I thought I might as well go the extra mile and make this vegan for those friends of mine who don’t eat eggs and such on top of dairy products. Enjoy!

recipe below…
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Cake Balls

These cake balls are soooo good! My cousin made them for friends & family for Christmas and I fell in love. So far I’ve made lemon & strawberry for two separate birthdays. The pictures will show both batches (the mix doesn’t magically turn from yellow to pink and back, in case you were wondering). Enjoy! 🙂

I love these because they are delicious bite-sized sweets and fairly easy to make (the fairly is because of the dipping, it takes a while to get the hang of it). I think I might just have to make these the “cake” for my wedding day (no plans, just ideas haha!). Or in the meantime perhaps just make these for my friends’ weddings.

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